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Elise Leonard is the author of the Junkyard Dan series (Itz Books), the LEADER series (Itz Books), the Al’s World series (Simon & Schuster), the Smith Brothers series (Nox Press), the A LEEG of His Own series (Nox Press), the series entitled Pete’s Place (Nox Press) and even some romantic comedies for Harlequin under pen names. She was a teacher for many (MANY!) years before becoming a full-time author. Due to her concern about the plummeting literacy rates in the U.S. and throughout the world, she now writes cool, funny, high-action books for struggling adult, adolescent and English Language learners, to help older struggling readers increase their reading levels and have a better life through literacy.

The Junkyard Dan Series

The Junkyard Dan series is designed for struggling, emergent and ESL older adolescent and adult readers. These easy-to-read books are perfect for HS students, GED students and adult literacy programs, and any individual who wants to strengthen their reading skills.

Although this series is written on a first- to second-grade reading level, these books are not babyish, boring or condescending. They are adult stories with adult characters, written for adults, affording ease and success while reading something of interest.

Books 1 through 4: Flesch-Kincaid 0.9
Books 5 through 8: Flesch-Kincaid 1.3 to 1.4
Books 9 through 14: Flesch-Kincaid 1.6 to 1.8

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  • These books start off on a very low reading level, and increase incrementally throughout the 14-book series.
  • As the reader goes through the books, their reading levels are increasing without the reader even realizing it due to their level of engagement.
  • Although these books are easy to read, they are NOT for children. They are for adolescent and adult emergent, struggling and ESL readers.
  • Each new book in the series introduces new characters and shares fun inside jokes with the reader from the previous books in the series.
  • Based on the increasing reading levels of the books, the added characters and situations in each new book, and the built on story-lines throughout the series… these books HAVE to be read in order.
LEADER series by Elise Leonard. All 8 titles listed.

The LEADER Series

What does it take to be a good leader?

For that matter, what does it take to be a good person, in general?

8 titles focusing on military service, leadership, and growth with a Flesch-Kincaid of EXACTLY 1.0 for each.

HONOR – dedicated to the Marines

COURAGE – dedicated to the Navy

RESPECT – dedicated to the Patriot Guard Riders

SERVICE – dedicated to the National Guard

INTEGRITY – dedicated to the Air Force

COMMITMENT – dedicated to the Army

LOYALTY – dedicated to the family and friends of our service people

DUTY – dedicated to the Coast Guard

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  • These are our easiest to read books.
  • They are all on the same reading level.
  • Although these books are very easy to read, they are NOT for children. They are for adolescent and adult emergent, struggling and ESL readers.
  • These books do NOT have to be read in order.

All of our books come with FREE comprehension tests, FREE teacher guides and FREE info sheets.


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